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Lending Programs

Our Financing Options

As a professional money broker, we have access to numerous creative and high leverage financing investors, and programs. Unlike your traditional money brokers, we have numerous untraditional financing options rather than a specific conforming and traditional loan. We don't market loans, we offer options and opportunities in virtually every industry. With us, your options are numerous.

Though we have access to numerous financing options, we don't promote one over another.
Our focus it to provide you with several option and not a canned program!

Commercial Property Financing Options

  • New Construction Financing
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Property Portfolio Financing
  • Property Rehab Financing
  • Bulk Single Family Property Financing
  • Corporate Financing - $10M -Min.
  • Bulk Single Family Property Financing
  • Rehab Financing
  • Debt/ Equity Refinancing
  • 144A Bond Financing (up to 100% LTV)
  • CMBS, Pre-CMBS and Non-CMBS Programs
  • Franchise Financing |Church Financing

  • Approved Property Types

    Multi Family Properties

    • Multifamily Residential/High Rise |more Info|
    • Multifamily Residential Only |more Info|
    • Multifamily Senior Housing |more Info|
    • Student Housing  |more Info|
    • Mobile Home Parks |more Info|
    • Garden Apartments with or without retail
    • Residential Condominium conversion rehab

    Health Care Properties

    • Assisted Living Properties |more Info|
    • Nursing Home Properties |more Info|
    • Hospital Financing |more Info|
    • Hospice Care Properties |more Info|

    Retail Properties

    • Motel/Hotel (flagged only)
    • Office Properties
    • Medical Office Properties
    • Self-Storage Facilities
    • Mix Use Properties
    • Anchored Retail / Shopping Center
    • Industrial / Manufacturing/ Warehouse
    • Single Tenant Net Lease Properties
    • Multi Tenant Net Lease Properties
    • Parking Garages / Surface Parking Lots
    • Special Use – Restaurant/Bar, Car Wash, Gas Station,
    • Church Financing 
    • Casino/Entertainment Facilities
    • Cell Tower Property Financing

    Loan Types

    • Recourse Loans
    • Non- Recourse Loans
    • Secured And Unsecured Loans
    • Equity ONLY Loans
    • Equity Plus Debt
    • Your financing options are not limited to this list.
    • High Leverage Loans -100% Financing
    • Qualifying And Non Qualifying Loans
    • Full Doc and Low Doc Loans
    • LTV and LTC Financing
    • Custom Loan Programs - Create Your Own

    Business Financing Options

    Business Financing Options

    • Trade Finance
    • Equipment Financing
    • Accounts Receivable Financing
    • Energy Related Projects (Hydroelectric, WTE, Gas/Oil)
    • SBA Financing
    • Insured Loans
    • Lines Of Credit
    • Franchise Financing
    • Church Financing
    • Debtor-In-Possession (DIP) Loans-Program

    Types Of Loans


    We highly value the PEOPLE that are in these partnerships, so good quality experienced sponsors are a must…

    Some programs include recourse and non-recourse, 1-25 year terms, up to 100% LTV/LTC
    (under certain circumstances), owner/user, cash-out, and quick evaluations and closings. Certain transactions can close in as little as two weeks!
    Debt / Equity Structured Options For high LTV/LTC leveraged situations.
    Most projects with loan amounts over 75% LTV will require a debt/equity structure.
    Equity requirement varies based upon evaluated underwriting risk, and comes with a 5-year buyout option for sponsor 
    (with a pre-determined formula).
    Equity is based upon loan amount – not value, for borrowers protection!

    We highly value the PEOPLE that are in these partnerships, so good quality experienced sponsors are a must…

    Your financing options are not limited to this list.
    Contact us today with your commercial real estate financing needs. We can help find a solution and we’ll do it quickly.

    Training Services

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    MTN’s, BG’s, and SBLC’s are foreign securities, and as such, may constitute the requirement of licensing by the S.E.C. in order to deal with these instruments. SEC 144A, 505 and 506, and Privately managed buy/sell trading platforms constitute the requirement of licensing by federal authorities in order to deal in these investment opportunities. Please be advised that ProfessionalMoneyBroker.Com is not so licensed and only participates with partner firms who are licensed to deal in these securities. ProfessionalMoneyBroker.Com is only acting herein as a primary referral agent as/when necessary to those who are licensed to so act.Enter your text here...