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Energy Related Projects

Off Shore Drilling ProjectsFinancing options Available for offshore Drilling Projects.Hydro Energy Financing Solar Energy Project FinancingEnergy Facility FinancingEnergy Storage Facility FinancingConstruction and expansion financing available.Magnetic Energy Storage

As a global lender with worldwide resources, PMB can provide funding for a variety of energy related projects, including hydro-electric, solar, wind power, waste-to-energy, gas and oil refinery, and other eco-friendly technologies.

Alternative Energy

This includes waste-to-energy (WTE), Solar, and Wind projects. We can deliver turn-key facilities worldwide, which includes the technology, EPC, and financing if feedstock and PPA are in place.  We require:

  • The feed stock agreement be in place
  • Strength and experience of the EPC be verifiable
  • Proven technology MUST exist
  • The PPA must be in place

Oil & Gas Technologies & Operations

We represent major hedge funds that acquire and finance existing facilities, or the development of new facilities with value in excess of $70MM.
Projects that we have participated in include oil exploration and rigging facilities, gas pipeline delivery systems, and fracking operations. All P3 reports must be available, and proper government authorizations in place.

For major projects, up to 100% financing is available.

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